About us?

Suelas WYNY S.A. de C.V. is a proudly Mexican company leader in the world market exporting to more than 30 countries on 5 continents. Focused on meeting the highest quality standards of our clients.


Committed to the environment, both in our processes and in our products, we seek to comply with current ecological regulations.


What do we do?

We focus on 100% vegetable leather tanning. With products that mainly satisfy shoe, leather goods and saddlery manufacturers.


We currently have an installed capacity of up to 3,500 hides per day, thus responding to the current demands of our customers.


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Suelas WYNY is a company committed to the environment, we have a wastewater treatment plant.

Our products have the environmental regulations and regularization required by government authorities.

We also have the Gold Rated Certificate that is awarded to companies that meet environmental requirements worldwide.





ISO 9001:2008

In 2001, Solelas WYNY obtained its ISO 9001 certification, with the aim of ensuring quality products and processes for its customers.

Gold Rated

In November 2010, the Gold Rated Medall BLC certification was obtained, this certificate is awarded to companies that comply with environmental requirements worldwide.

With this philosophy, the company improves its activities through:

*A Restricted Substances Policy that ensures that our products are environmentally friendly.

*Being efficient in Energy Consumption through the use of Renewable Sources such as solar panels.

*Constant review of Air Emissions to reduce to ensure clean air.

*Generation of a Waste Management System to classify and treat them properly.

*Taking special care of water and looking for new ways to Reduce and Recycle it.

*And with the implementation of new technologies in our Wastewater Treatment Plant.


Wyny is an official partner of the British Leather Center (BLC) and the Leather Working Group.


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