WYNY was founded in 1978 by Wilmar Nienow Herter, it began operations processing 100 leathers per day, producing with them outsoles.

The rapid growth of the company due to the preference among the shoemaker sector, it was needed to build in 1982 its first plant, equipped with the highest technology and a wide production capacity.

In 1986 he began his participation in international fairs, New York, Hong Kong, Paris, Italy, etc. From that moment on, it began to export part of its production consolidating its presence worldwide.

In 1988, it already processed 1500 daily leathers 100% vegetable tanned; from the crupons were made outsoles and double shoulders that were used to make belts, insoles and small leather goods.

In 1992 WYNY Group, was already considered one of the best companies in the worldwide tanning industry, building the third production plant that same year.

From that year to the present, Wyny Group has been taking over the preference of the shoe and leather industry as one of the largest producers of vegetable tanned leather in the world, all thanks to the quality of its products and excellent service. Managing to cover the most demanding needs of the world market.

Currently has 600 workers with a production around 3,500 daily leathers, responding to the current demands of their customers.

Nowadays, WYNY Group allocates 25% of its production to the national market and the difference is marketed in more than 30 countries located on 5 continents.

100% of the products are vegetable tanned, the main products are: outsoles, double butts for the leather goods market, vachettas, insoles and belts.

The company has its own water treatment plant, with the latest technology, which complies with the strictest environmental standards of air, water and waste, being deeply committed to the environment.

The Company´s philosophy is: to maintain continuous improvement, counting on state-of-the-art technology and highly qualified personnel based on international competitiveness standards, always present in the five continents and maintaining rigorous standards in the service to its clients through on time deliveries, quality products, ecological and innovative at competitive prices.



Soles WYNY is a company committed to the environment, we have a treatment plant for wastewater.

Our products have the regulations and environmental regularization required by government authorities.

We also have the Gold Rated Certificate that is granted to companies that comply with the global environmental requirements.




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